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Join one of our free online events coming up to hear more about Australia’s first large-scale solar garden – pioneering the way you can have solar without a sunny roof.

Free Webinars

Tune in to hear our experts share:

  • What are solar gardens and why Australia needs them
  • How this type of offsite solar can help renters & apartment dwellers
  • The financial & environmental benefits of joining
  • Perks of having offsite solar

Solar Gardens are already popular in the United States and Europe, we explain how you can join a solar garden in Australia.

This project is the brainchild of Australia’s leading support organisation for community energy projects Community Power Agency along with Pingala, a Sydney based community energy group and partners with solar developer Komo Energy.

Solar Garden Info Session - Weds Evening, 15th March

Wednesday 15th March 2023 | 6pm Qld, 6:30pm SA, 7pm NSW/Vic/Tas/ACT

All are welcome to attend.

The solar garden will be located at Grong Grong

The solar garden will be located at Grong Grong

LEETON shire residents will be among those able to benefit from Australia’s first solar garden. Grong Grong farmer Gemma Meier has set aside about four hectares of land on her mixed farming property...

Shiny new website!

Shiny new website!

We're excited to share the Haystacks Solar Garden project has a dedicated website!  For everyone who wants solar on their roof but can't because you're a renter, live in a flat or don't have an...