Haystacks Solar Garden

You can have solar. Sunny roof not required.
Attend on-site launch event - 27th April!

Reasons to join Haystacks Solar Garden:

Clean energy for all

Clean energy for all

Live greener by going solar, without installing panels. You’ll be helping put clean, local energy into the grid, independent of the big polluters and without burning fossil fuels.

Pioneering a new model

Pioneering a new model

Solar gardens are popular in Europe & the US, now it’s time to spread this model across Australia.
Solar that moves with you

Solar that moves with you

Simply change your address with our electricity retail partner (Energy Locals) when you move and your solar garden credits will continue to arrive on your electricity bill.
Hassle free solar

Hassle free solar

The solar garden is installed off site – so no worries about installation, plus the insurance and ongoing maintenance is all included in the plot price.  


The Haystacks Solar Garden will enable people without a sunny roof access to the many benefits of rooftop solar. Whether you rent, live in an apartment or have an unsuitable roof for solar, this solar garden will unlock the sunny benefits for all.

Grown out of a desire to make renewables accessible for everyone and enabling communities more control over their energy future, the Haystacks Solar Garden shows community owned and small scale solar farms are viable, replicable and provide multiple environmental and community benefits. 

Australia’s first large-scale solar garden, allowing hundreds of people locked out of rooftop solar to access to the benefits of solar

1.5 megawatt solar garden hosted by Grong Grong Solar Farm in the Riverina, NSW

Community owned solar co-operative facilitating credits to members’ electricity bills
Joint project between Pingala, Community Power Agency and Komo Energy.

What is a solar garden?

Are you one of the nearly 35% of Australians unable to get the benefits of rooftop solar?

Solar gardens are a solution for you. 

A solar garden is a similar concept to a community garden, but instead of growing veggies, members get to harvest renewable electricity. People who want to install solar on their rooftop but aren’t able to can join a solar garden – located anywhere – and receive the benefits from collectively owned renewable electricity

We do this by joining together in a solar cooperative with many others who also want solar but can’t install it on their roof.

Each of the cooperative members can purchase a plot in the solar garden. The electricity generated is sold to an electricity retailer and they provide a credit on the members’ electricity bills.

Watch the video below to learn more.